Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Ships, sailing and sunsets

Africa is famous for sunsets, and especially sunsets over the sea.

With a sea looking like this...
 photo glet799_zpsbb2d16f9.jpg

... its very hard to resist jumping into this...

 photo glet659_zpsb3e716cf.jpg

And sailing out into the sea.
Things in Pemba are pretty relaxed, so with white wine doing the rounds it was time to kick back...

 photo glet734_zpsddb101a3.jpg

 photo glet730_zpsd1d0afe3.jpg

... but as the wind picked up, the sails went up and the sun went down... to offer a beautiful end to another lovely day on Pemba

 photo glet723_zps99ef19fa.jpg

 photo glet724_zps356c92d7.jpg

 photo glet740_zps48c0ba89.jpg

 photo glet741_zps312243b1.jpg

 photo glet748_zpsf16715ce.jpg

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