Friday, 11 October 2013

A Selous Sundowner

Sunset in Tanzania is a big deal.

Tanzanians traditionally gather at sunset to toast the sun for the day.

 photo glet275_zps8836a4ef.jpg

 photo glet561_zpse148b1bc.jpg

Each evening Eenok, Sam and I would stop our jeep out in the savannah, pop up a picnic table, throw a small table cloth over and dive into the cooler for a cold beer. This was our Selous sundowner.

 photo glet556_zpsf5baa58c.jpg

With the animals around us, the sun setting and the heat of the day wearing off we'd say cheers to the sun for a brilliant day!
Dust on our faces and smiles all round, the sigh of hippos, the buffalos grazing nearby and the lions snoozing under a tree round the corner, we'd sit back, sip our drinks and tuck into nibbles cooked up by the camp.

Good night Amara, mia amora

 photo glet561_zpse148b1bc.jpg

 photo glet258_zpsf9467646.jpg

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