Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A trip to Tanzania - Amora mia Amara

Lions, crocodiles, zebras and wild game drives! Welcome to Tanzania!

 photo f953ca77-29dd-4e6a-92fb-add7326e8e41_zps8c08a577.jpg

What could be more exciting than an adventure in Africa! Where lions roam, elephants drink at water holes and zebras run wild.

Sleeping with hippos, sunbathing with Umpalas and breakfasting with squirrels, Sam and I headed into the Selous, Tanzania's largest game reserve. It is one of the most amazing places I have ever been too.

Hidden in the middle of the Selous is The Amara, a small luxury Safari Camp. 

We arrived by "tiny" plane, landing on a dusty dirt track!

 photo 450e0b22-c0fa-470e-9b50-5d2ac1da8ab0_zpsbb0e7fe2.jpg

And rocked up to camp.

.... nestled on a quiet river bank, with hippos wandering about outside...

... was our tent...

 photo glet419_zps00e13eed.jpg

 photo glet424_zpsf3a45996.jpg

 photo glet423_zpsa96af08d.jpg

 photo glet402_zps3708d135.jpg

 photo glet401_zps87aa6e59.jpg

 photo glet400_zps7a5f9fb1.jpg

 photo glet398_zpsfac336b8.jpg

... and it wasn't long before we soon felt very a home.
Exhausted from our trip, it made sense to unpack, throw on a bikini and wake up with a relaxing dip in the pool, along with these two birds.

 photo glet397_zpsb23edf51.jpg

 photo glet512_zpse23a1f34.jpg

As the heat of the day wore off, we headed out on our first game drive!
Hopping into this beast and befriending Enok (who kindly spent a whole four days taking Sam and I off out exploring and putting up with us behaving like a set of over excited kids) we set off out to find big game...

 photo glet274_zps7b1ca851.jpg

 photo glet347_zps84a43a33.jpg

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