Monday, 14 October 2013

Bare foot luxury - Fundu Lagoon

This is Fundu Lagoon

 photo glet879_zpsa8433351.jpg

It is a tiny sustainable hotel, made up of 18 tree houses and is tucked away on the remote island of Pemba, just off the coast of Tanzania. This place is so special and so hidden, that it feel as if I should tell you about this in a whisper. Keep it to yourself. Don't tell anyone. As this is a travelers best kept secret.

Fundu Lagoon is somewhere where you go barefoot all day, after all it is nestled on a white sanded beach.
 photo glet756_zps5b526843.jpg

 photo glet752_zpsbb585656.jpg

Tree houses look out onto the sea, a surprise drink awaits you and your very own sun hats and pool side bags are provided. What more can you want?
 photo glet626_zps47a3ec02.jpg

 photo glet633_zps5fe34636.jpg

 photo glet636_zps4dd19343.jpg

 photo glet648_zpsfdb3517e.jpg

 photo glet627_zps90a52975.jpg

An eternity pool looks out onto the sea, quiet and empty... it was near impossible NOT to make a splash.

 photo glet823_zps456c5e4f.jpg

 photo glet835_zpsce754cff.jpg

 photo glet836_zpse3c73bde.jpg

 photo glet831_zpsce8d2eeb.jpg

Sundowners continued in one of the three bars over looking the beach and as the sun sets at night it is so romantic that even the monkeys take 5 minutes out to watch.
 photo glet661_zpsba3b0106.jpg

 photo glet805_zps0e20b4b8.jpg

 photo glet801_zps262db21b.jpg

 photo glet751_zps9962a5f2.jpg

 photo glet684_zps8dba232f.jpg

 photo 5aee1e96-f3a7-4734-8a18-407b3e897344_zps8bd2012f.jpg

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