Friday, 18 October 2013

Mnemba island

A short boat ride of Pema is Mnemba. I fisherman's island, tiny in size but with plenty of fish!
We went for a days diving there, but I wanted to share the fisherman's catch with you! As a seafood lover, this was quite incredible!

   photo glet694_zps05e80d49.jpg

 photo glet696_zpsa359e4c5.jpg

 photo glet697_zps41c7a965.jpg

 photo glet707_zps896bae94.jpg

 photo glet705_zps158a4a74.jpg

 photo glet709_zpsa0db8145.jpg

 photo glet713_zps5e6714a9.jpg

 photo glet716_zps53dffa40.jpg

 photo glet717_zps87b15971.jpg photo glet719_zps688fb16a.jpg

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  1. I'm so jealous, your whole trip looks incredible xx


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