Wednesday, 9 October 2013

African adventures

What can be better than biscuits and coffee bought to your bed??

 photo glet587_zpsf2063438.jpg

Each morning we'd wake at 6am, jumping out of bed super excited for the day. A cafiterre of freshly made coffee and home made biscuits would be right by our bedside just to help with the early wake up.

 photo glet265_zpse1c789d0.jpg

Heading straight to the jeep we'd head out on a days adventure in the form of a game drive...

 photo glet266_zps9451fd52.jpg

 photo glet268_zps3ca4602d.jpg

Out in the Savanah there would be no one but us and the animals. We'd go a whole day without seeing anyone. Fresh air, wind in your face and some of the world's most impressive mammals, I can't tell you how incredible it was.

 photo glet490_zpsc4180c89.jpg

 photo glet489_zps8a07c7ce.jpg

 photo bc499889-39c6-40f9-a603-157391864e4b_zps903d6ae4.jpg

 photo glet305_zps0cf22960.jpg

 photo glet304_zps7e7e7c6b.jpg

... of course there were buffalo

 photo glet297_zpsb5ce3a4c.jpg

... hippos

 photo glet543_zps44f45eb3.jpg

... and quietly hiding by the trees were lots of these gentle giants... I believe this one was called Melman.

 photo glet532_zps2e729f7e.jpg

A few hours later we'd come back for a lazy breakfast and a good sleep

 photo glet367_zps8e3b1904.jpg

Some animal watching

 photo glet461_zpsb8eee8b3.jpg

and some chilling out.!

Thank you Africa.

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