Friday, 1 November 2013

Blustery winds and golden light - Richmond park

Honest to god I cannot get enough of blustery autumn days and golden sunlight. So when my best friend Flora suggested a day in Richmond park I jumped at the idea.

Throwing our wellies in the car we hurtled down on a windy morning to the big old deer park. It's big, very big so big that it is easy to forget that you're in London!

Off we walked, across the big meadows and through the park's woods. It was bliss, with acorns crunching beneath our feet, the chestnuts starting to fall and the deer idling the day away in soft beds of rusty brown bracken.

 photo 52cb9653-e3c3-40cb-95a5-06f07908a674_zps3711ca59.jpg

 photo 066_zpsbe5f2203.jpg

 photo 082_zpsa4e8ed47.jpg

 photo 085_zps46e1d1d4.jpg

 photo 073_zps7996cc29.jpg

 photo 071_zpse3d7db7b.jpg

Warm sunlight beat down while the leaves whirled around in the wind, blowing off the trees and up into the sky - it was all very exhilarating.

 photo 074_zps2db31979.jpg

 photo 058_zpsaabb9aaa.jpg

 photo 060_zps355e132c.jpg

 photo 581c06da-d309-4406-b718-0edbb23d6e0c_zps90dc773d.jpg

After several hours of walking through the park, Poppy told us she was tired... We all were, so we agreed to round off the walk with a big cup of hot chocolate before heading home.

 photo 3f1c1327-ea0e-4bda-a44a-be1fb37eb4a7_zpse5d07bbb.jpg

 photo 089_zps284ef0c6.jpg

 photo 088_zps11410856.jpg

 photo 091_zps284bd4f8.jpg

 photo 092_zpsb65fc377.jpg

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