Monday, 25 November 2013

Food foraging in Borough Market

On a cold winter's day Borough market is full of stalls from far and wide selling their very best local produce.
In the run up to Christmas, going to Borough market can be huge fun for buying christmas presents for foodie friends, being inspired for dinner parties or simply idling a morning away. It is one of my favorite things to do at this time of year.

 photo e1e960aa-c510-4bdc-b9ad-f39ffcba6056_zpse7f95be8.jpg  photo 0775fe26-5723-4240-bc91-44dffb2c30f4_zps68d10b86.jpg

 photo 954c766a-7ddd-482f-874b-2a33c6e82c24_zps57307a6b.jpg

 photo c72d7bb6-a40e-49b3-a17c-4e3d675a7709_zps1043c729.jpg

It is electric. Stall tenders called "10 for a £1", "fresh vegetables going", "roll up roll up warm baked loaves going for a five-a". Smells waft through the air. Tasters are of course handed out. And bags are filled with the finest ingredients. Impossible to resist, the mulled wine flows, the mounds of cheese is piled high and freshly baked bread steam on market stalls.

 photo d17a8a2c-73a5-4e70-9152-3fddfb27ba51_zps3800ba8e.jpg

 photo 4b20b705-6b0c-4137-9dbb-d688d1b51fd9_zps4dfb13bc.jpg


 photo d647a8e4-dd2d-4bc0-8929-cde8626995df_zpsa9480f15.jpg



 photo 8d19db1b-d721-40c9-bc33-c197e344c3f3_zpsf334f7d3.jpg  photo 435c43bb-9ce5-41a9-9a16-08dfa1f8339a_zpsf2c8374d.jpg


Tucking into a roast duck sandwich and sipping on our mulled wine, it was clear why this winter expedition is a firm family favorite place....

 photo 533fcae5-972c-44e6-a48d-6be000167e74_zps691494e5.jpg

 photo 7b65cda9-85a6-4021-b0dc-3dff12fa6b28_zps47660de8.jpg

.... after all our name hangs here!

 photo baabd2ae-61f7-45d9-9465-358719c9bcfa_zps4bdb74e9.jpg

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