Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Coffee Plant

When the morning's are dark and it's cold outside, I am so thankful for a strong cup of fresh coffee. It is JUST the best. Growing up in a family where coffee was king and a freshly brewed cafetiere was found at breakfast every day, it's fair to say that being picky about my coffee is a small vice of mine.

 photo 249f9c8c-6d97-4960-bb47-4a537c028234_zpsa2edd964.jpg

Thankfully London is full of great coffee hang outs and this one, if you have not discovered it yet, is a coffee lover's paradise. Coffee Plant, a 15 year old long serving staple on Portobello road. For well over a decade it has been faithfully roasting, serving and selling fairtrade coffees and teas. It's hidden halfway down the market and is dangerously close to Starbucks. Famous for its kick ass espressos, creamy lattes and lively atmosphere it sells all kinds of roasts from across the world.

 photo 5e6ec76b-cc6e-4041-b87c-3f107e9778eb_zpsb9950bfa.jpg

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 photo f5999f93-1171-44ee-a4c9-b882320b828a_zps0c112d7d.jpg

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