Monday, 18 November 2013


I thought I'd save this for you when the weather is cold, winter is moving in and we all dream of heading off to somewhere exciting and different.
This is Japan! After a whirlwind trip to Africa, the trip that I told you about a few weeks ago, we landed in the UK and twenty four hours later flew out to Japan for the week.

Japan was amazing and it is definitely a place where you can feel lost in translation. We stayed in Osaka, Japan's third largest city, a bustling sky scrapper of a town and Japan's food capital.

We spent most of our time navigating ourselves around the city in and out of Sam's work commitments. But when not working, we'd busy ourselves by taking walks in the parks, touring the city's castle and investigating tiny Ramen restaurants.


 photo 0314ec5a-14b9-4255-a805-fcd30f9d691f_zpsac505869.jpg

 photo 5fd19580-494e-4087-af1a-5dfd1b71608b_zpsa0107904.jpg

 photo f0cd6bdd-2bbe-4ad5-846f-cf6f62227099_zpsb2de5855.jpg

 photo 28f8ccdd-561d-4674-95ee-f379f4274af0_zps6b9c1bbe.jpg

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