Monday, 6 May 2013

The Riding House Cafe

This place eeks coolness.  An eatery where the novelty of brunch never wears off and you always leave more than a little satisfied. Stomach full, taste buds content and on a caffeine high, The Riding House Cafe which is popped behind the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street on Great Titchfield Street, is a mouth-watering go to for brunch.

With a laid back vibe, you’ll be transported somewhere between the realms of a New York warehouse, a Victorian kitchen and if you head to their private dining room a stable yard.

Booking or no booking, saunter in sometime before 12.30 as brunch will switch to lunch. 

Hang your coats up and find a seat. 

Nestle cosily on a scruffy sofa, take a chair at the bar or find a space on the long dramatic table. There’s something for everyone here; whether you’re on a date, with a partner, a friend or meeting mates.

Scan the menu and order your drinks! Smoothies come served ingeniously in glass milk bottles and coffees are more than a little strong.

Reasonably priced, brunch dishes range from health kicking muesli to full on fry ups, and the list is endless so no matter what your body needs... you'll find something.

We went for the Titchfield Street Mueslli and ordered several plates worth of eggs with chorizo hash browns! 

These hash browns are potentially the best in town; crunchy and toasty on the outside but rich and soft on the inside, oozing with the tastes and smells of a good fry up.

Devour your breakfast and natter away, you’ll easily lose track of time. Once finished and set for the day settle up your bill - in total we normally spend £10-£15 each and leave more than content with our breakfast. If you’re feeling energized by the gentle buzz of the place, pop off to shop on Oxford Street or stroll over to Marylebone High St, the options are perfect.

Perfect for dates or the “morning after” breakfast. You can chill out relax and not be spotted. Brilliant for groups. Not ideal if you’re positively reeling and in need of a dark silent room.
-         Try it out for dinner as it turns itself into a great wine bar and restaurant by night, plus there’s a fantastic private dining room for hire too!

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