Monday, 20 May 2013

Growing your own herbs

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Growing plants in London can be tricky, especially as most people aren't fortunate enough to have a garden - and if they do, it's invariably shared.
However, growing plants on a kitchen window sill is possible and as the weather gently warms up, keeping a set of bushy fresh herbs in the kitchen not only brings a burst of freshness into the room, they're handy to have  for cooking. They are on hand for making broad bean and mint bruschetta, add to mohito's or throw into  a host of other recipes calling out for flavours and textures - a set of smelly herbs is, in my opinion, one the easiest and best things one can have in the house.

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A few health properties of herbs:

Parsley: A famous detoxifier and helps freshen your breath. Helps to reduce blood glucose and has even been suggested as a cancer fighter

Rosemary: A mood lifter, anti inflamatory and used to help strengthen the memory

Basil: As a source of Iron, Calcium and Vitamin C, this herb is also anti inflamatory, anit bacterial, helps skin and hair and supports the immune sytem

Garlic: A great antioxident that has been shown to help cholesterol, is an anti inflamatory, is anti viral and helps the heart, being a unique food to support cardio conditions.

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