Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Strawberry and Raspberry Breakfast Smoothie

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There are mornings when the thought of eating through a bowl of porridge, a stack of toast or tucking into some scrambled eggs is enough to make many want to skip the meal. But not having breakfast is terribly unhealthy and it's one of the best meals of the day  - so it seems a shame to miss out.
On days like this I think it makes sense to reach for the smoothie machine and rustle up a re-freshing fruity, oaty smoothie.
Packed full of vitamins and anti- oxidents - the Strawberry and Raspberry breakfast smoothie is a great and easy way to start the day. Simple to wip up and a favorite to have on a sunny spring day before heading out the door or on a lazy summer's day brunching with friends.

  1. Simply take a stash of strawberries and raspberries that have been frozen, place in a smoothie maker and add some water. Both of these summer fruits are packed full of antioxidents. 
  2. Tip in a handful of oats and if you're feeling very  healthy add some ground flax seed mix in too. Oats are a great source of energy and fibre and flax seed contains plenty of nutrients, omega-3 fatty acides, minerals and essential vitamins.  
  3. Whizz into a smoothie and serve.
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