Friday, 29 March 2013

Traditional Easter Simnel Cake

Home at Easter is full of seasonal traditions from hot cross buns being dished out, painting Easter eggs,  lamb being ordered in (plus the annual debate as to how much lamb should be ordered to feed the troops) and of course a good Easter cake!

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Simnel Cake has been a traditional tiffin at Easter for years, dating back to medieval times. But believe it or not, it was originally made for the middle Sunday of lent aka Mothering Sunday! A rich  and moreish fruit cake packed full of spices, raisins, eggs, butter and flour.

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Over the top rests a marzipan blanket stuck on with apricot jam..

 photo 003-10_zpsb70c641e.jpg
 photo 004-9_zpse558ad87.jpg
 photo 005-7_zps13750d0d.jpg
 photo 006-11_zps1eaaa89c.jpg

It's gently toasted under a grill...

Before being decorated with flowers - something the Victorian's kick started.

 photo 008-2_zpsd3a1ef1a.jpg

Before being dished up for tea. 

 photo 015-4_zpsfd75253d.jpg

A very easy to make cake that is perfect for an Easter Sunday. The recipe for which is here and I promise you'll be going back for that extra slice.

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