Thursday, 21 March 2013

Rule 101

Rule 101, wrap up and stay in doors!
Popular conception rings true. Britain is famous for bad weather and London is famous for not coping very well with it.  But us Londoners generally keep are chins up! We resort to steaming cups of hot chocolate, roaring fires, cosy pubs and warm bolt holes. Cheerily we get through the winter and celebrate the first signs of spring.
At this time of year the sun should be shining, the first layers of clothing starting to come off and coats popped into the wardrobe to wait until the autumns leaves begin to fall. While Easter is just around the corner, the weather in London could not be further from it. Cold blistery winds, snow falling and bitter temperatures has meant that many Londoner's have resorted to locking down the hatches. It's all very out of sorts.
And so,  as the daffodils shiver outside, when I've not been at work I've been hunkering down and making the most of duvet days! Soft fresh linen, a set of good books and a film or three. If this keeps up, I may start thinking of emigrating!

 photo a499ed26-1f31-4618-babf-3961cd3fceba_zpsa3d9d6fe.jpg

 photo 89d5ab82-b8e5-46c8-a933-cb39f1fb77e2_zps6b7d31dc.jpg

 photo 08d1cb54-6c66-46a9-a017-f09c61dfe251_zps6db4a575.jpg

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