Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Tea bags

My best friend has just had a nasty break up. It's no fun. This best friend is probably the coolest kid on the block. She's very popular, can make everyone laugh and always the person everyone wants to hang out with.
But she's been feeling a little low. So over the weekend she came round for a fixer upper... a big cup of tea. To make her feel just that extra bit special I made her her own set of tea bags putting out a range of teas to sample, taste and bag up.

To make the tea bags I took some tea leaves we picked up on our travels and dug out a box of Fortnum and Mason's earl grey. And there it is, personalised tea to bring someone back to feeling a little more normal. The tea bags were a great distraction to the boy in question too! Job done.

   photo dae9120d-ccdf-4cbf-ae60-2c50052c0076_zps9ed07b21.jpg

 photo 1713d9b6-078e-42e3-8a93-afaca955b2b0_zpscb050252.jpg

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