Wednesday, 12 June 2013


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The perrenial biscuit - dunked in tea, crumbled, scoffed or squashed into lunch boxes. It's a tough life being a biscuit!
Imagine, wrapped in a packet you spend half your life squashed up on a supermarket shelf, before being emptied out and plunged into darkness to the bottom of a biscuit tin. If you are lucky you're picked out, only for a short lived gasp of sunlight before being plunged into a big mug of tea and eaten.
Thank goodness for Biscuiteers!
Biscuiteers bring the bride back into being a biscuit! Opening in 2007 these busy bakers make the most decadent and thoughtfully iced biscuits for every occasion. Seaside images to tea cups, racing cars to ballerinas. 

They've recently opened a cute new shop in Notting Hill. As a biscuit fanatic (literally my family hide the biscuit tin when I'm home) there was little I could do to help myself enter their biscuit emporium one sunny afternoon.

Imagine your dream childhood nursery decorated in biscuits. Floor to ceiling, tiny biscuits stood  proud and tall. Straight from the oven and icing parlour, gingerbread men and shortbreads adorned the shop.

Grabbing more than my waist line could cope with I picked up a selection of proud little biscuits before heading home for a cup of tea.

PR's - cupcakes are out, biscuits are in.

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