Monday, 16 December 2013

The Great Christmas Gift Guide, 2014

If, like me, you're busy buying gifts for family and friends and need a little inspiration.... behold, The Great Christmas Gift Guide, 2014 is here.

 photo 188d7660-95a3-4c4a-8c4f-eb42360acdf6_zpsc4b865f1.jpg

I hope there is something for everyone in there! Best of all, this can be ordered online - so no more crowded shops, long queues or sore feet, just the comfort of your own sofa.

 photo diptyque_zpscf1662b1.png

The Diptyque Christmas candle - a stocking filler that makes your home smell of Christmas

 photo dabomb_zps3eacda52.png

For any chilli lover, Da Bomb hot sauce is THE BOMB of all hot sauces. You can get it in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Amazon.

 photo trug_zps1f87aaf1.png

My mother in law is a keen gardener, so for any green fingered friend, this personalized trug might come in handy

 photo earphones_zpsbdc549f3.png

Backbeat2 wireless earphones. Nothing is more awkward than getting tangled up mid lunge. Designed for the fitness fanatic, these are sweat-proof and allow you to take calls, watch films and listen to pumping beats while working out.

 photo yoga_zpsa80627e0.png

Either way, this matt is perfect for a sister or girlfriend who likes a snooze or a yoga class

 photo jumper_zps8134f097.png

Uniqlo men's jumpers, with cashmere and wool at very reasonable prices these are great for both boys and girls.

 photo bathoil_zps79f9c4a0.png

If your mum is like mine, she loves a good bath. Who can blame her, she spends her days looking after my crazy family. These Jo Malone oils are a fantastic gift.

 photo glamping_zps39d340c7.png  photo treetent_zps0db57dce.png

Glamping! This summer I had a weekend glamping in yurts with my girlfriends - it was the best weekend ever. Log fires, cava, marshmallows and sleeping bags! Take inspiration from Canopy & Stars (comfortable camping) and this, is a tree tent (!) which you sleep in while dangling from a tree

 photo blanket_zps10942334.png

A curl up blanket, this shop has the best set of blankets and quilts to curl up in.

 photo book_zps634f6062.png

This book is full of beautiful letters. I have a friend reading it at the moment, she reads one letter a day.

 photo sloewhiskey_zps958d7638.png

Something to buy now and make for next year! Sloe Whiskey. My best friend has just told me about this... I cant wait to try it! And here is the ultimate kit to make it with.

 photo lonelyxmastree_zps95f517be.png

The Lonely Christmas tree a bedtime story to get the little nippers off to sleep before Santa arrives...

 photo comforter_zpsc143bc62.png

Soft, gentle and lovely, these JoJo Maman Bebe comforters are used by my own niece and godson. Their mum swears by  them.

 photo alexandramcqueen_zps0e620dcc.png

The Alexandra McQueen scarf - will this ever go out of fashion?

 photo cup_zpsdf960b3d.png

The BEST measuring cup by Anthropologi for the baker of the household

 photo skates_zpsf02e33ce.png

For the teenager in the household, these rock. I had a pair when I was 13 and pleased to see them back in fashion.

 photo coffeemachine_zps65fdc8fe.png

The coffee machine was a new arrival to our kitchen this year - it's been a real win. This one comes from John Lewis, but there are cheaper options here and here

 photo christmascharity_zps0e438875.png

The Guardian have rounded up a list of Charity Christmas Gifts - why not give big?

 photo tights_zpsffc9bc10.png

Every blogger is in need of a good diary... a portable charger and some followers

 photo tote_zps30a0af06.png

The ULTIMATE tote - for school, uni, work, gym or school run

 photo bumblebees_zps892563d8.png

I have a real thing for Bumble bees.

Friday, 13 December 2013

A Christmas Market on the Southbank

Each year a fun festive German market pops up on the South Bank, full of knick knacks, crafts and of course copious amounts of mulled wine, this is the real deal for a Christmassy afternoon out.

 photo 9f41086a-a0b4-42f5-9ad0-ee1f548fa2ee_zps732fad4a.jpg

 photo b18370b2-0ef7-40b6-8a13-3e4310085ee1_zps7a634353.jpg

 photo c07da7c1-aadd-4b7e-8568-39a3cebad37f_zps42461b1b.jpg

 photo f6fa8ec2-9869-4dcc-ae9f-c57ad758a9c9_zps1207e1cf.jpg

 photo 625d33a0-404d-4811-953b-c8fea1f69d9f_zpsd70aac63.jpg

 photo 057_zps18faf406.jpg

 photo 058_zps9395508d.jpg

 photo 059_zpsf6c03022.jpg

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Ameretti and ginger nut chocolate fridge cake

Chocolate fridge cake is good at any time of the year, but with a little festive twist, this wonder cake can magically turn into a CHRISTMAS fridge cake. It is the BOMB!

One day, wondering around Whole Foods on Kensington high street, I spied an Amaretti fridge cake sitting quietly on the shelf - it.looked.divine.

Hurrying home I picked up a packet of amaretti and ginger nut biscuits (total cost £2) and prepared to bake! This is a Christmas find worth sharing...

 photo 5f229a84-2a5a-4bc9-ba0f-26d748946342_zpsdd4b2c3a.jpg

Using the base of the Hummingbird Bakery's fridge cake recipe I swapped in amaretti biscuits, ginger nuts and glacier cherries to whip up a christmassy concoction. It's delicious!

250g butter
150ml  golden syrupp
150g mini amaretti biscuits
75g coco powder
50g ginger nut biscuits
a tub of glacier cherries
3-4 handfuls of raisins

Melt the butter, golden syrup and coco powder slowly on the medium to low heat, occasionally giving it a stir.

Place all your biscuits, raisins and cherries into a big mixing bowl and give them a good mix, breaking up the ginger nuts into smaller pieces.

When the syrup, butter and coco powder has formed a delicious thick dark chocolately sauce, pour into the bowl of biscuits and stir through. Make sure it is even throughout.

 photo 895e1d6c-926c-45fb-a135-07ccb8637e93_zpse5c429e3.jpg

Line a roasting tin with baking paper and add your biscuity mix, spread evenly and cover with another sheet of baking paper. Place jam jars or a large dish on top to flatten the mixture down. Leave to cool for half an hour and then put inside the fridge to set.

 photo d870de30-715c-4c73-98de-82e6e7c97c88_zpsc15783e1.jpg

 photo 010_zps4305af47.jpg

Once cold and solid, and if you're feeling fancy, melt down some dark chocolate and drizzle over the top.

Cut into big chunky slices (it's Christmas) and serve up.

 photo 543c0b88-bff6-4989-aa0b-86d29b52c90a_zps29e1e985.jpg

Monday, 9 December 2013

The Christmas tree!

Once upon a time there was a Christmas tree sitting quietly by the side of the road. A few days before he'd been happily dozing under the sunshine in the Christmas tree forest along with all his other friends. Then one day, he was suddenly tugged out of the earth and popped into the back of a lorry before winding up on the verge of a busy residential road in West London.

The Christmas tree wasn't sure what to make of it all, but he was feeling rather glum. For a few days he sat and watched people come and go, looking him up and down, whispering about how green or bushy he was. The Christmas tree began to feel very self conscious - he wasn't very big and he wasn't very tall. 

Then one day, on a sunny Sunday two strange ridiculous people walked past. They were looking for a medium sized tree, not too bushy, not too small but just right. The Christmas tree decided he liked the sound of them and especially the look of the girls red woolly hat.

 photo 4d75b67d-d3ee-495b-9d69-aaff69540651_zps6d1cd4d0.jpg

 photo 3b65fd00-4505-4178-b4c9-9da64944d443_zps850831c4.jpg

So he puffed himself up as large as he could go, rustled his leaves, popped out his pines and stood up tall and handsome.

"Aha" said the man, "this cracker does just the trick". Before he knew it, the tree found himself being picked up, wrapped up and uncomfortably lugged all the way to these mad people's home!

 photo f9cc95b3-c354-4102-9de1-e69e8ee6c15d_zps8ca70dbb.jpg

 photo 3349aa2c-7ed7-4ede-aeea-8c57080ec1a6_zpse670da11.jpg

Inside (yes, inside! What was the world coming too, a tree inside?!) the tree was popped into a little container and strung with lights. It was all very scary and nerve racking. 

He was then covered with plenty of gold, red and silver ball balls, funny decorations and a fuzzy star was placed on his tallest branch. That was ok, because it made him look even taller.

 photo 02db3a9a-54e6-4b19-ad28-aebf7c7b7fe4_zpsdacfebd9.jpg

Finally, the lights went on and the Christmas tree glowed (from the inside outwards). He felt very proud and with a selection of presents sitting under him, the tree took up his role to brighten up Christmas and keep an eye on all those presents until Christmas day!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Winter's morning

WOW! What a sunrise!

The other night it froze hard. The stars were out, the moon was shining and a thick frost spread across the countryside.
As the sun rose and sunlight flooded into my bedroom, there was nothing for it but to throw on some wellies and wrap up warm to venture outside.

Glistening under the morning light, the country slowly woke up. The corn fields glowed red under the pink sky, the big oak stretched its branches and dusted itself down while the rusty gate creaked open.
The haybales had been coated with sparkles, the leaves dusted with ice and the hedgerows, nipped by jack frost, slowly defrosted.

Walking through the fields, seeing your breath in the air, hearing geese fly overhead (something that chokes me every time I see them) and watching the dogs run across the stubble before heading home for hot coffee and to start the day at work. Lucky I was working from home that day!


























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